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Gismondi On Wine Top 10: BC Reds
For those of us around at the rebirth of the Okanagan Valley in 1980, it is almost unimaginable to think that we could experience wine as exquisite as the 2015 Martin's Lane Dehart Vineyard Pinot Noir. Under winemaker Shane Munn, the tiny perfect winery, easily one of the most exceptional pinot noir facilities built anywhere in the wine world, is turning out fantastic wine, and none better than this pinot noir made from only 12-year-old vines.
After the Gold Rush
Canadian producers are ushering in a new era of quality north of the border. Von Mandl's Martin's Lane, which owns four vineyards around Okanagan Lake, is one producer showcasing the outstanding quality the region is capable of.
The Top 100 Wines of 2019
Fritzi's 2016 Riesling celebrated as one of the top wines of 2019 world wide.
Jamie Goode | Martin's Lane
Martins Lane is a stunning high-end winery in the Okanagan Valley that focuses solely on making single-vineyard wines from Riesling and Pinot Noir from the north of the region.
An Expression of Design. A Statement on Wine.
"... a winemaking process that is gravity driven: the grapes are sorted and pressed at the buildings highest elevation point, and end up in barrels and tanks at the lowest, without the need for pumps. This is the function underlying the sloping winemaking structure."
A Sensory Experience You Won't Soon Forget
You may have heard many superlatives thrown around regarding the striking modern architecture, the unique approach to the production technology, the small lot/not-so-small price tag thing, and even the exclusive character of its customer model. But seriously, do not let this intimidate you.
Building a Legacy
Anthony von Mandl always had a grand vision for the Okanagan Valley. To put it simply, that was to make the entire Valley a wine region that could stand on the international stage, a destination for wine and food lovers, in addition to all the other natural beauty...
9 Destination Wineries Worthy of Your Bucket List
The wines themselves are premium, pitch-perfect odes to this land. Mineral-driven with pristine fruit and teeming with bright, juicy acidity, each series of Rieslings and Pinot Noirs contains unique wines expressing their north and central Okanagan vineyards with lively spirit and grace.
Phoenix in the Valley
Tomos Lewis
In the summer of 2003, wildfires tore through swathes of the Okanagan Valley, a picturesque corner of British Columbia on Canada's west coast. The fires were the grim culmination of what had been the driest summer on record in the region...
An award-winning winery in BC elegantly steps down a hillside
After having completed the Mission Hill Winery in the heart of British Columbia, Seattle-based architecture practice Olson Kundig Architects was tapped yet again for the design of Mission Hill's sister winery, Martin's Lane. Set into a steep hillside in the picturesque...
Every Step of the Way
Food and Drink
Masterpieces come in many forms: strokes of colour on a canvas; words strung together in a novel; a perfect vintage of pinot noir. Situated hillside on East Kelowna's Lakeshore Road, Martin's Lane Winery is one of the Okanagan's newest masterpieces.

Game Changer
Western Living
ALL HYPERBOLE ASIDE, you're looking at arguably the most advanced winery in North America. It's for Martin's Lane, Anthony von Mandl's boutique producer of high-end pinot noir and riesling. And while it's nestled beside its sister winery of CedarCreek...

The (New) Most Beautiful Winery in B.C.
Neal McLennan
The year was 1996, and a dreamer of an Okanagan winemaker hooked up with an up-and-coming Seattle architect and created a winery-Mission Hill-that somehow managed to appeal to both modernist and classicist....

J. Michael Welton
Architect Tom Kundig collaboratively creates three groundbreaking wineries near the pacific coast in British Columbia.

Charlie Palmer's 'Pigs & Pinot' Welcomes Canadian Cuisine and Pinot Noir
Paige Rosenthal
For thousands of years, wine has had an inextricably delicious companion: food. Pork and pinot noir is one example, and marrying such indescribable succulence makes them a winning pair.....
Inside Look: Martin's Lane Winery, British Columbia
Paige Rosenthal
Terroir undoubtedly plays a critical role in the flavor of wine, and it sometimes informs the culture of winemaking, too. This holds true on two fronts at Martin's Lane in British Columbia, where everything from the wines....

Martin's Lane Winery
A Study in Cool

Janet Dorozynski
If you are a follower of British Columbia wines you've likely noticed a growing number of producers and winemakers wanting to get close and personal with their vineyards, individual blocks and even rows of vines....
Tom Kundig Honored With AIA NWPR Design Awards
de zeen
We are pleased to announce that two Olson Kundig projects - Sawmill and Martin's Lane Winery - have received 2017 Citation Awards from the American Institute of Architects Northwest....

Olson Kundig embeds gravity-flow winery into British Columbia hillside
de zeen
For a Canadian winemaker that uses the pull of gravity in its production process, Olson Kundig Architects has created an angled, metal-clad building that steps down a hillside. Martin's Lane Winery is situated....
6 Modern Wineries on the West Coast With Beautiful Architecture
Proprietor Anthony von Mandl's newest project is a winery in British Columbia that just opened. Tucked into a steep hillside in the Okanagan Valley-which has the lowest rainfall of any wine-producing region in the world-...

There's a Strange Reason Why Gen-X' Author Douglas Coupland Put a Giant van Gogh...
Following a worldwide search for a Vincent van Gogh doppelgänger, Canadian author-turned-artist Douglas Coupland has unveiled a giant bust of the Dutch artist that he created with the help of 3D....

Van Gogh bust modelled on Dorset lookalike is unveiled
BBC News
The competition to find the "world's most accurate" lookalike was organised by the work's creator Douglas Coupland. He chose actor Dan Baker, 35, from Christchurch, out of 1,250 entries from 37 countries. ....

Topography, gravity and a Corten-clad design by Tom Kundig at an award-winning new winery
Tucked into a steep hillside in Kelowna, British Columbia, is the striking glass, steel and concrete structure of Martin's Lane Winery, the producer of award-winning Pinot Noir and Riesling wines that draw discerning ....

Van Gogh lookalike competition won by Dorset man
BBC News
Daniel Baker was chosen by renowned Canadian author and artist Douglas Coupland out of 1,250 entries from 37 countries. Mr Baker, 35, wins €5,000 (£4,180) and will have a bronze bust of himself as the Dutch artist ....

British actor is voted world's best Vincent Van Gogh lookalike... but says he's keeping his ear!
His art might be inimitable but it would seem Vincent Van Gogh is not. British actor Dan Baker, 35, beat 1,250 entrants from 37 countries to win an international competition to find the world's best Van Gogh....
A man from Dorset looks so much like Vincent Van Gogh he won a competition
If Vincent Van Gogh lived in Dorset and wore pin-striped shirts, he would look like this. Dan Baker, 35, has won the official title of world's best Vincent Van Gogh lookalike, beating 1,250 entrants to the prize.....
Canadian artist searching for best van Gogh lookalike finds subject in Dorset
A Canadian artist scouring the planet for Vincent van Gogh's closest lookalike has found his subject in the UK. Douglas Coupland will now use Daniel Baker, from Christchurch, Dorset, as the source material for a large ....